Secure Operations Center (SOC) BOX

High-Security Identification & Lock Devices

  • No internal battery or power needed for indefinite storage and usage
  • No PINs are stored in the device
  • A unique PIN is generated, then discarded after use
  • The PIN and audit trail are developed by any of the following options:
  1. Cell phone communication to authorized call center
  2. Cell phone app
  3. Cell phone app with interface
  4.  Web interface
  • No communications are needed in the lock
  • High security and durability
  • Weatherproof

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Delmar Enterprises, Inc. provides the highest quality Commercial Cooking Equipment, Gelato, Ice Cream, Soft Serve making Equipment plus Key Security and asset management solutions. This includes commercial microwave ovens and rice cookers, display cases, gelato, Ice cream and soft serve machines, high security locks, key security and asset management. Our trained staff can provide expert layout and design plus product and equipment education and training.