Compacta 4

Compacta 4 Batch Freezer

Compacta 4 Batch Freezer


The Compacta 4 by Coldelite is an all-in-one machine with heating and freezing for the commercial production of the finest gelato, ice cream, and sorbets. Featuring a 2-in-1 structure, mix ingredients and pasteurize in the upper horizontal cylinder, while separately, and simultaneously, freeze and produce gelato and ice cream in the bottom cylinder.

The top cylinder is for heating and mixing – simply add ingredients. The lower cylinder is for freezing and extraction. The Compacta 4 is also easy to clean and operate and saves on utility costs.

With its single phase, air cooled system the Compacta 4 is especially suited to easily fit within gelato and ice cream shops, and to wonderfully compliment a chef’s modern professional kitchen. No water connections needed. The Compacta 4 is also the only counter-top machine with a spray hose attached.


The advantages are perfect for operations that produce gelato, ice cream and multiple recipes of custards and pastry creams.

  • Dual Functionality – The bottom and top work simultaneous to ensure high production output in record time.
  • Electronic Control Panel – Designed with a single touch pad for simple production
  • Quick & Easy Cleaning – Flexible, pull-out spray nozzle built in for cleaning the cylinder
  • External passage – Allows you to produce more flavored mix and store until ready to use, without dirtying lower cylinder
  • Limited Investment – One machine does it all. The two in one functionality allows low investment and high returns.
  • Limited Space – All in one machine for heating/pasteurizing and freezing. The top cylinder is for heating and mixing; just add ingredients, while the lower cylinder is for cooling and the execution of the production cycle

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