Custom Display Cases

The “Ciam Customized Option” may be just what you need if standardized display solutions don’t fit your needs.

Ciam has invested in the most modern equipment solutions that are geared to not only produce standard display cabinetry but also versatile enough to be able to alter dimensions and functionality for clients.  For example, the new and modern glass production facility is now in fully operational where heated and double pane glass as well as UV may be produced in house.

The Ciam manufacturing plant is part of the Intertek Data Acceptance Program (SATELLITE™).  This means that whatever your needs may be, Ciam can offer certifiable solutions in a short time.  Offering custom options in the demanding foodservice display arena is part to the Ciam mindset and no job is too small.

Foodservice consultants, designers and demanding clients require unique solutions and the Ciam Team is dedicated to remaining in the forefront of offering the most dynamic and brilliant displays for all clients whether standard or customized.