Masterchef Multi-Food Production Machine

Masterchef Multi-Food Production Machine


The Ott Freezer Masterchef is the ideal production system for restaurants, bakeries, pattiseries, chocolatiers, and gelato / ice cream stores. Even Bistros and Cafes benefit from the extended savory applications, like soups and sauces. Over 40 customizable programs and precise temperature control, help to provide consistency and reliable quality in daily production. The Masterchef is available in two models with either 12 Liter or 20 Liter capacity. The powerful system heats and mixes ice cream bases, and freezes it to very fine crystals with a perfect mouth feel in 10-20 min.

Constant heating, rapid cooling, and freezing technology – A powerful cooling system aids in the process of building micro-fine and equal-size crystals, the key to the perfect mouth feel. Precision and constant control within one degree allows you to walk away and hold or pasteurize your recipe at the proper temperature.


The advantages are particularly for operations that produce multiple recipes of custards, jellies, and pastry creams, and want to combine that with the ability to create high quality ice cream and artisanal gelato.

  • Accessible Cylinder Tank – The large vertical stainless steel cylinder gives you direct access during production and allows extraction from the top. The dimensions are carefully calculated to optimize heat transfer and cooling efficiency.
  • Controlboard & Microprocessor – stores over 40 customizable programs and icon-driven manual operation.
  • Mixer Technology – The 7-speed mixer and beater gives you the control to produce recipes with high overrun or gently stirring/setting custards.
  • Direct Extraction Outlet – Extraction is easy to control. Rely on a convenient retractable shelf to place your container.
  • Quick & Easy Cleaning – A tight docking keeps the pull-out spray nozzle in place, and provides water where and when you need it the most.
  • Limited Space – All in one machine for heating/pasteurizing and freezing. The two in one functionality allows low investment and high returns.


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