Carpigiani UF 253 Soft Serve Freezer

Carpigiani Soft Serve Freezer – UF 253

Carpigiani Soft Server Freezer – UF 253

The high performance soft-serve freezer combines state-of-the-art technology with simple and efficient operation. It provides high production for two individual flavors of frozen dessert, or a combination “twist”.

The UF-253 offers maximum flexibiliy for a wide range of products, and is able to serve ice cream, custard, yogurt, or sherbets, in any combination. The “253” will outperform all comparably-sized machines. The 253 is only available on pump.

The high performance Carpigiani UF-263 soft-serve freezer combines state-of-the-art design and technology with simply and efficient operation. The UF-263 provides high production for two individual flavors of frozen dessert and combination twist. This freezer will outperform any comparably-sized freezer. Designed to allow the greatest flexibility when changing products. Will serve ice cream, custard, “Italian ice”, yogurts, sherbets in any combination.

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