Techfrost JOF-23

Techfrost JOF-23 Blast Freezer

The Techfrost JOF-23 Blast Freezer is the smallest and most versatile blast freezing unit for the professional kitchen, by Techfrost. Great for ice cream and gelato preparation, the JOF-23 Blast Freezer can be used as both a blast chiller and as a shock freezer. This all-in-one blast freezer/blast chiller, guarantees the quality of your food products, extending shelf life and preserving moisture, color, flavor, fragrance, and natural freshness.

Whatever your space or service, the JOF-23 Blast Freezer provides the most adept product for your professional kitchen– fitting on or under any counter. The JOF-23 Blast Chiller ensures high performance shock freezing in a small space, achieving an internal temperature of -40 in just 18 minutes.

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